Too Good to Go Cheese

Are you a cheese enthusiast always on the hunt for the most flavorful and aromatic experience? Perfect! We have a treat for you. Introducing our Too Good to Go Cheese Collection—a carefully curated selection of cheeses nearing their expiration date, perfect for this weekend's indulgence.

Ultimate Freshness

While all our cheeses come with a minimum of 14 days shelf life, some varieties become even more tantalizing as they approach their expiry date. This collection offers you the opportunity to savor these rich and intensified flavors at their peak.

Preventing Wastage

We believe in minimizing food waste without compromising on quality. Our Short-Shelf Life Cheese Collection targets cheese that's within 14 days of its expiration, offering it to you at a discounted price. Enjoy gourmet cheese while doing your part in reducing waste.

Planning a spontaneous get-together or a cozy night in? This collection is ideal for those last-minute weekend plans where you need a delicious cheese board without the wait.

There are currently no products in this collection.